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Weird Sticky Outy Thing and a SECRET MESSAGE August 15, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Firstly: there’s a secret message hidden in this post. clue: capital

something Horrible has happened! I broke my ankle! i was in my neighborhoods play-Ground and i was swinging on the swings with my sister. i Had gone to waterworld that day and had a Lovely time with my friends, but had walked around a lot, so I was taking a break on the swings. my sis and i were having a Game to see who could jump further off their swing, and i jumped really High! Too high. i fell fast. hard. my foot twisted under me and made a *crick* noise. it hurt. a lot. but i thought i just sprained it. i limped home and put ice on it and my mom called my neighbor who is a doctor and he came over and told me it was probably broken. while my sis and i waited for the doctor to finish talking with my mom, my helpful sis took these lovely pitures of the bone sticking out of my foot and making a weird bump

 click for bigger

so now i have a sweet green and pink cast. oh yeah.

oh, and if you got the secret message, use it as a password for the post above. just copy and paste the final answer you get! really try to find it! just comment if u are having trouble and i’ll give you a hint.

heheh FINAL ANSWER/SECRET MESSAGE: just kidding!


p.s. please continue commenting your opinions on my shirt designs in the post below!



1. [h@D - August 16, 2008


2. Carly - not logged in - August 16, 2008

you need help? ok this is what i told javallama

the first clue, capital, is for capital letters
if you go through the post and find all the the capital letters, they will spell something (they are already in order)
so it would be like this if I was trying to say “hello”
–Harry potter Egged Luna’s house when she admitted to Licking his Owl–
if you put all the capital letters together, it spells HELLO

3. (¯`·._) Logan (¯`·._) - August 17, 2008

Oh Ill try to do it!!!!!!!

4. [h@D - August 19, 2008


5. [h@D - August 19, 2008

i want in 😥

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