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I Won, But Not a Gold Medal!! August 10, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Hey guys! Sorry I havent been around, I got grounded from my computer for a bit heheh…anyway…I just found out that i WON javallama’s mascot contest!! YAAAYY!!!! Thank you all so much for voting for me!!!!! in addition to my pic being on Javallama’s sidebar, I got a virtual trophy, too! here is is:

[trophy idea from redcowz]

Annnnnd…THE OLYMPICS!!!! WOOHOO!!! Josh has his own version at http://somekindofwonderfulness.wordpress.com so check it out!! But, for those of you who watched the opening ceremony, my fave part was probably the drummers, with a tie for second with the light-up green guys and the printing block guys. It was all so cool! And there were 2008 drummer guys and 2008 light-up green guys. the total cast of the show was 15,000 people! holy cow! and also, in Athens, Greece they spent 4 billion dollars on their opening ceremony. China spent 40 billion! and what a show!!! you need to watch it if you havent seen it!!

here is a little montage of 2 pics of the drummers i put together:

click for full

There are a few more, but not very good pics at http://www.nbcolympics.com/photos/galleryid=183797.html (link found at javallamas site)

Also, i would like to give a shout0out to Michael Phelps, who I just watched win his 7th gold medal! whoa! he is so great! he swims and no one can beat him he is so fast!! i enjoy watching him.

I promise to post more soon! c ya!




1. Redcowz - August 10, 2008

My posts publish once a day at midnight!

2. ollymh - August 11, 2008

wooo i think i cast the winning vote
sorry i would have voted earlier if i had seen where i needed to comment
but yeah well done 😀

3. javallama - August 12, 2008

yeah olly, you did have the deciding vote

4. ollymh - August 12, 2008

i win 9000 internets

5. ollymh - August 12, 2008

u win trophy

6. ©ΛЯLΨ (mooseluver8) - August 12, 2008

yay! thanks olly!
abd a trophy is so much better than 9000 internets 😉

7. ollymh - August 13, 2008

it sparkles very nicely
9000 internets do not sparkles 😦

8. ζÔ§Η - August 13, 2008

oohh pwitty trophy!

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