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Yo Yo Yo Wazzup In Da Hizz-House? July 31, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

I don’t know about the title it doesnt really have anything to do with the post lol

the time is ripe for a new post!  i havent posted in a bit and I found some cool pics and have some things to say.

Well, the fight at Josh’s has settled thanks to Squishy who made a nice post. Im glad its over, because it caused much unpleasantness. Even here. If you look at the comments on my  “I Can Drive” post, you will see that someone named “Bonvi” has been telling me that i am a mean hostile little girl that hates new visitors to this site.  He also thinks that I’m so thick that I cant follow a conversation, and he wants me to apoligize to Zipo (who said mean things to Josh so I called Zipo a jerk) even though Zipo has not showed a bit of remorse for being mean to Josh.  I got a bit agitated on how unreasonable Bonvi was.  I think that he is somebody else who doesnt like me for some reason I dont really care about, because Bonvi seems to know a lot about the fight even though he has never before commented on Josh’s site, he doesnt have a site of his own, and I have never heard of before.  He is probably someone who just changed their name so that I didnt know who it was really. whatever. i dont really care and im not going to take the time to check ip adresses or anything.

Well, in other, happier news…I went swimming today and yesterday with my friends, im going to my friends b-day party tomorrow at a theme park, one of my friends is racing in a national bike race in disneyland (one of the race days they do laps in disneyland! but they might move it 😥 ) and I ate a kitkat bar today and it was yummy! here are some cool pics – click on them to view full. they are from www.worth1000.com

strange fish… new movie! lovely frog! and a dressed dog

yaay! ~Carly



1. [h@D - August 2, 2008

Dud I looked at that crab and then I thought I smelled one. WEIRD.

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