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Flat Tires, Get Smart, Braces, Jonas, and Cruddy Cell July 9, 2008

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Interesting title, eh? Im Canadian, eh!!!

Ok, down to business!! First on the agenda, flat tires.  Bike tires to be exact!

My friend, Danny, is a really good bike racer. He is almost 16 and is a year ahead of me in school.  He loves bikes SO much that he has about ten bikes! A time trial race bike, his team race bike, another race bike, a cross-road bike, a Schwinn StingRay (really cool bike, image search it on google), a bike he repaired and painted and put together that has his name on it, a trick bike, a monkey-bike (mini-bike) and one more that i cant remember! haha! He is going to the national race in Disneyland in august! Yes, IN DISNEYLAND! He does laps around the rides and everything! Anyway, Danny, me, my little sister, and my littler sister in a Burley (google image search if you dont know what it is) attached behind my bike. We biked over to dairy queen for some ice cream. When we got near, Danny noticed that his back tire of his trick bike was flat! oh no!! While we ate our ice cream, he went over to a gas station and refilled his tire with air. It didnt work! His tire had a HOLE! GASP!! He couldnt bike home with it, because it would ruin his wheel! He couldnt fix it, because he needed wrenches, so we put his bike in the burley next to my sister (with a sock and a bag over the sharp pedals) and he rode my lime green cruiser bike (haha a boy riding that) and i rode my little sisters while she sat behind me on the strong fender over the wheel. It was pretty funny looking! Heres a pic of the burley…

Click for full size if you cant read it!

Secondly, Get Smart. Its a movie, starring Steve Carell, who also happens to star in my favorite show, The Office! It was HILARIOUS!! I strogly reccomend that everybody see it! My favorite line is when Max Smart (main character) is driving through a golf driving range and is totall oblivious that he is getting hit by balls, hitting tractors, and going through sand traps. he is just talking to the chief, who is yelling “look out” every 2 seconds. Finally, he drives through a golf snack shack that has a fake decorative Swordfish on it. The chief yells “swordfish!!” but Max is still talking about his feelings or whatever and drives right through that, too. He finally stops the car and asks “So what do you think, cheif, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” The chief looks scared out of his mind and is looking at the swordfishes nose tip which is an inch away from his face! It had come through the windshield and almost stabbed him in the head! The chief says, “I don’t know. Were you thinking ‘Holy sh**, holy sh**, a swordfish almost went through my head?’ Because if you are, then we’re on the same page.”
hahahahaha! i laughed so hard! watch it! its great!
Now, my braces. I hate them. With a fiery passion.  I also have rubber bands that i have to attach to them that make them hurt more and are extremely annoying. But…IM GETTING THEM OFF TOMORROW!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! Tomorrow or the next day i will post a before and after pic of my braces on and off! yay!!!!!
Ok, next we have Jonas. What is Jonas? Well, it’s the Jonas Brothers, of course! The disney-type band! And one of them is EXTREMELY hot! lol wel i entered a contest to win 4 free tickets to a concert, and so did my friend and we a re taking eachother if one of us wins! yesss! fingers crossed for luck! lol
And lastly, my cruddy cell phone. Its acting up with sending pics and vids to my email (only 3 came through so far! and i sent them a week ago!), so no fireworks pics 😥
Im sorry, but you guys can imagine! It was cool!! The few pics I have I will post later!
C ya!


1. Lissanoel - July 9, 2008

that’s my favorite part too! lol

2. patrick - July 9, 2008

Get Smart looks okay over all, though Steve Carell seems to be veering more and more toward slapstick-style humor

3. lossequotte - August 3, 2008

Thank you

4. dunyaandberry - August 3, 2008

ugh, my comment was to josh, not you.

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