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Aquarium and Salamander! July 1, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

Exciting post title, I know! Well today I went to the aquarium and looked at a ton of fish! It smelled like fish (yum…) and there were a ton of different kinds! There were sea turtles and sharks and seahorses and crabs and even an octopus! I got some pics, but they were taken of my old phone through glass and water, but I took the time to make a collage! Yay! here is is… (and there is more writing below the pic so keep reading)

And…my sister and I found a salamander!! He was under a wet trash bag full of sticks and leaves in our back yard so we caught him and are keeping him in a bin with dirt, leaves, grass, a “pond” and a little log! We put worms and rolypolys (pillbugs) in there for food and he (or she) is fun to hold! It crawls on your hand and around and it sometimes almost falls cuz it moves so fast! We are going to let it go soon though because its a wild animal and it needs to go back out, but we might buy one from the pet store that was bred to be a pet! Here are some cruddy pics of the salamander. Maybe you guys can help me with a name for him/her/it!

Cheers, Carly

P.S. Im signing up for a drivers education class! im gonna learn how to drive! wow!!! scary!! stay out of the roads, people! im for sure gonna be a sucky driver!



1. ζÔ§Η - July 5, 2008

Cool pics, good luck with driving school!

Oh yeah, and perhaps you can visit my header contesT? Maybe?


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