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Yummy Cereal! June 10, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

I found an advanced photoshop contest onliine and looked at some of the entries to the catagory: Unsucessful Breakfast Cereals. Here’s two of the entries, click here


I wonder if those Nuke’Ems marshmallows are radioactive… haha!




1. ~.Narnia.~ - June 14, 2008

lol, those are great! I like the cockroach one. 😉

2. ©ΛЯLΨ (mooseluver8) - June 14, 2008

oh yeah, “now with one live cockroach in every bag”!

3. ΦρüΣ - June 17, 2008

NUKE! IF WE CAN MAKE 2 WE CAN MAKE ANOTHER MWAHAHAHA!!! *Cough* Sorry about that. The cereal does that. 😆 I like the deluxe cereal with ulta radiation and vitamins and minerals to keep bones strong! 🙂 very…:twisted: interesting… post..lol 😆 *Eats more cereal*

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