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I’m starting! May 15, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.

OK well I may not post a ton until I get a new header and everything up, but here’s on of my posts! Woo! OK! So I’ll just tell you about something in my life.

I’m really excited for Thursday night! Its the season finale of my favorite show, The Office (u.s. version) on NBC. Its really tense! Toby is leaving and moving to Costa Rica, Pam and Jim will either break up, get married, or Pam will move to new york/Philadelphia, Dwight and Angela are tense together but Angela doesn’t really like Andy!

Its so much drama! AH!! I love this show for anyone who wants to watch it, click HERE for more info. it wont be on after thursday becasue the season is ending but i’ll start posting links so you guys can watch too! Its a hilarious show!




1. حα۳۱ψ - May 15, 2008

yay! the office!

2. CPfantastic - May 15, 2008

hey moose can i b a admin on your site again?

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