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New Blog! February 10, 2008

Posted by Carly in Uncategorized.


This is Mooseluver8! My old blog is hacked and deleted now, so I made a new one! This will be a blog about whatever I want! Or what you want because I want a blog people will like, not because I give good Club Penguin info, but because I’m interesting! Anyway, I hope you will like my new blog! It will take a bit for me to get it up and running, but I’ll try!




1. javallama - May 14, 2008

Ha ha, cool new name! Im working on a site called Bright Write right now, its pretty sweet.

2. mooseluver8 - May 14, 2008

cant wait to see it!

3. CPfantastic - May 14, 2008

Mooseluver8, I went on your site and it was hacked yesterday. I was gonna update it with some cool info.

Can you add me as a admin again with the same email, jayden_bailey@hotmail.co.uk?

4. angie - June 18, 2008

hi im a good of rachel/posthaste can you tell me how to get cool stuff and see a nija in the dojo please. oh yea HAPPY 15th BIRTHBAY!!!!!!

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